Their morning ride started with coffee and a kiss (Bronze Sculpture)

Dimensions 17.3 x 16.1 x 7.9 inch (H*L*W) 37.5 lbs
44 x 41 x 20 cm (H*L*W) 17 kgs

Materials Bronze with Different Patinas


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Every day should be started with a coffee and a kiss, especially if you have the travel bug like Rabbitwoman and Dogman. Jumping on their bike and heading to the open road, these two need to be well energised and light of heart before they set off for their next adventure. They also show the beauty of their relationship, a relationship filled with love and importantly, equality, as Rabbitwoman pushes aside the traditional gender roles and takes the handlebars. Dogman clearly doesn’t mind one bit as he nuzzles his muzzle into her neck for a quick kiss.