• The land of rhinos
  • The land of rhinos
  • The land of rhinos

The land of rhinos

Dimensions 90.0 x 90.0 CM (H*W)(With perspex frame measures 119 x 119)

Materials Enamel on wood with resin rhinos (in museum grade perspex box frame)

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Rhinos once roamed the lands of Eurasia and Africa in plentiful numbers. Today these numbers have dwindled at an alarming rate and it is rare to see them outside of national parks. Our remaining wild places in the world are declining, and with them the wonderful creatures they are home to. This is mainly due to human actions, poaching and expansion of cities being the main culprits. This work is to remember what these beautiful wild places once were when the rhinos roamed these lands at peace. This is what we need to fight to protect and to regenerate before it’s too late.