She wanted to fly away with him (Bracelet)

Sterling Silver Lovebirds Bracelet  

Dimensions 1.2 x 2.6 x 2.8 inch (H*L*W) 0.68 oz t
3 x 6.5 x 7 cm (H*L*W) 21 g

  • $350.00
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Lovebirds may be one of the smallest species of parrot but they have incredibly huge hearts. Gillie and Marc both became enamoured with the breed during their respective times in Africa. Lovebirds are basically inseparable and are known for their strong, monogamous pair bonding. Gillie and Marc never knew what true happiness was until the day they first met. They were introduced during a film shoot in Hong Kong and from the moment they laid eyes on each other, it was love at first sight. They have spent the last 25 years, happily creating art together as one. Gillie and Marc (as well as Dogman and Rabbitgirl) are the quintessential lovebirds.