Rhino Riders (Canvas Tote Bag)
Rhino Riders (Canvas Tote Bag)

Rhino Riders (Canvas Tote Bag)

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Dimensions 16.5 x 14.6 inch (H*W)
42 x 37 cm (H*W)

Materials 100% Cotton

Rabbitwoman and Dogman had a dream; to be the champion for the white rhinos whose reality was heading closer and closer to extinction. Gillie and Marc are actively being this champion that the rhinos so desperately need. By bringing these creatures into the thoughts and hearts of the public with their ground-breaking public sculptures, the rhinos are being remembered, giving them more hope for escaping extinction.

Just like Gillie and Marc, Rabbitwoman and Dogman ride the rhino for all the world to see, making people look up from their daily lives to marvel at the beautiful creature in front of them.