Paparazzi Dogman & Paparazzi Rabbitwoman (Bronze Sculpture)

Rabbitgirl 70.9 x 47.2 x 61 inch (H*L*W*) 992 lbs
180 x 120 x 155 cm (H*L*W*) 450 kgs

Dogman 70.9 x 47.2 x 61 inch (H*L*W*) 992 lbs
180 x 120 x 155 cm (H*L*W*) 450 kgs

Materials Bronze  

Editions /5

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Our incredible ground-breaking global art project has landed smack bang in the heart of New York City to bring more love to our lives. And it’s working!

Thanks to The Avenue of the Americas Association we just installed the seven-foot tall Paparazzi Dogman and Paparazzi Rabbitgirl in Sixth Avenue opposite the Rockefeller Center in New York to promote diversity, love and acceptance and they’ve been a hit! The exciting, unprecedented installation is being hosted as part of the Association’s “Love the Avenue” campaign at, which has demonstrated the enhancement of Sixth Avenue and Midtown over the past several years.

We’ve been inundated with pics of crowds of people coming together to talk about the sculptures and take each other’s photos. It’s been really beautiful to see.

These interactive bronze sculptures can be touched, hugged and climbed upon to encourage New Yorkers to really embrace our differences.

Dogman and Rabbitwoman are so excited to be visiting New York they’ve even brought their cameras, so make sure to get out yours and take a selfie with them and tag #spottedonsixth to spread the word about this beautiful art series, because there’s always room for more love and art in our lives!