If This Were Real (Bronze Sculpture)
If This Were Real (Bronze Sculpture)

If This Were Real (Bronze Sculpture)

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Dimensions 275.6 x 196.8 x 196.8 inch (H*L*W)
700 x 500 x 500 cm (H*L*W)

Materials Bronze with silver patina  

Editions /1

When Gillie was five years old she lived in Africa and witnessed an elephant being shot before her eyes. This image has had a profound effect on all our work, and protection of animals is a constant theme in all our work. The African women told stories from the past when elephants were so great in numbers they fell from the sky. The truth is in 1930 there were 10 million elephants in Africa. Today that number is less that 400,000. This sculptures plays with gravity and what is possible and what is not. By playing with the impossible we hope that the viewer will realize what it takes to save elephants. Together we do everything we can to protect wildlife.