Gucci Pup Art (Print)

Gucci Pup Art (Print)

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A2= 23.4 x 16.5 inch | 594 x 420 mm

A1= 33.1 x 23.4 inch | 841 x 594 mm

A0= 50 x 33.5 inch | 1270 x 850 mm

Medium and Style

Entrada Rag Bright 300gsm, 100% acid free, 100% cotton rag paper

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Our latest line of photography is inspired by the British and American pop art of the 1960s and our perpetual love of dogs of all shapes and sizes. Pup Art combines the colourful imagery that made the 60s pop with culture, alongside a selection of adorable dogs from a grand Great Dane to a pair of dazzling Dachshunds. We hope Pup Art relates to our audience whether they have a love for art, a love for dogs or perhaps a love for both. Pop art is about removing art from a pretentious realm and celebrating aesthetics of popular culture. With 4.2 million in Australia alone, dogs are the world's most popular pet and surely deserving to be focus of a series of pop art. Like pop art, dogs are unpretentious and relate well to almost everyone. Most people have a favourite type of dog and every breed has their own fan base no matter their shape or size. Pup Art is equally about creating a visually appealing homage to pop art as it is about celebrating the diversity of all dogs and our love for them

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