• Flying Fish
  • Flying Fish
  • Flying Fish

Flying Fish

Dimensions 500.0 x 100.0 x 320.0 CM (H*L*W) 200kg

Materials Fiberglass

Editions /1

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Featured in Sculpture By The Sea 2015: The idea behind this sculpture is to discuss the effect humans have on animals, which is symbolized through the rope pulling the fish down and restricting its movement. We chose the flying fish because they are an animal that has adapted to survive in the face of loss of habitat and changing temperatures. They may have even seen their population increase as a result. Still, the fact remains that humans are destroying their habitat and eventually there will be fewer places for them to fly to. One day, there might even be nowhere left. ‘Flying Fish’ challenges the idea of humans relationships with animals by asking us to ponder - is the fish succeeding in the face of it's challenges or is it about to be grappled to Earth by the rope lasso? The sculpture is in three components. The ‘Flying Fish’ is bronze painted fiberglass with a galvanized steel internal crossbar, the pole rope is a galvanized steel pole with a rust proof painted 16mm mild steel base and fiberglass cladding, and the Base Coil rope component is painted fiberglass only.