Dick Suter bust (Bronze Sculpture)
Dick Suter bust (Bronze Sculpture)

Dick Suter bust (Bronze Sculpture)

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Dimensions Life size

Materials Bronze

Location Boulia Shire Council

Boulia loses a legend
Boulia fossil legend Dick Suter passed away suddenly last week with a funeral expected to be held in the North West town in coming days. Friend and colleague Tom Hurley said yesterday it was difficult to even begin explaining what 'Dinosaur Dick' had contributed to the community.

"He was one of the most reliable friends a man could want in his life, he would do anything for you and not expect anything in return," he said. "He lived a great life without needing lots of money or possessions, and for an 'unedumacated neanderthal' he made a mark in the fossil industry."

Mr Suter had been in the Boulia District since 1953, and curated the museum in town for 15 years. Through his work Mr Suter discovered a species, the Bouliachelys Suteri, which was named after him. He passed away on Wednesday and a service is tentatively expected to be held on Wednesday.