The Celebrity Animal – Jessica Rabbit Rabbit (Bronze Sculpture)

Dimensions Life size

Materials Bronze

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I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way The rabbit is one of Gillie and Marc's favourite hybrids and they didn't just chose the rabbit for Jessica Rabbit because she married one and took his name. They saw qualities in the rabbit that were completely different to the qualities Jessica Rabbit is said to possess. Rabbit's are timid prey animals, with acute hearing and sight who become startled very easily. They run away at the slightest jolt, and get very anxious. Jessica Rabbit was depicted as a woman with endless confidence, who held men captive. Her impossible curves quickly became iconic and in Who Framed Roger Rabbit men constantly fawned and obsessed over her. It's definitely fair to say that if Jessica Rabbit were a real woman she would be very intimidating. So when Gillie and Marc wanted to create a life-size bronze Jessica Rabbit it was important to them to turn her into a hybrid that would make her less intimidating.