The Celebrity Animal – Dr. Bear Evil (Bronze Sculpture)

Dimensions Life size

Materials Bronze


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Mini-me, you complete me Gillie and Marc were drawn to Dr Evil because he made them laugh, and it was interesting to them that an evil character could be so funny. They also found themselves fascinated by his cat – a hairless breed that many would consider ugly, but that Evil showed great affection to, proving that he definitely did have a tender side. Dr Evil is supposed to be a parody of all the things that are truly evil, and of characters we would actually be scared of. His characteristics are taken to such an extreme that we are supposed to see him as nothing but ridiculous, so Gillie and Marc decided to put him in his most ridiculous pose but turn him into a hybrid to take seriously. Bears are animals to be feared by humans. They are incredibly intelligent and strong and powerful enough to really scare any campers who come across them. However, they are actually not mean creatures at all. Mothers show great affection to their cubs and they live in very social groups. Gillie and Marc saw parallels between these qualities of bears and Evil, and they thought that by turning him into this hybrid people might first take him more seriously, and then be prompted to think about some of his other qualities. After all, for all the scariness of bears in the wild we also sleep with teddy bears in our beds when we are children and can't help but feeling they are cute and cuddly.