The Celebrity Animal – Arnie Stag Schwarzenegger (Bronze Sculpture)

Dimensions Life size

Materials Bronze


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I just use my muscles as a conversation piece, like someone walking a cheetah down 42nd Street.

The stag is possibly one of the most obvious and ubiquitous symbols for masculinity in our culture. Think deer heads mounted on the wall of a proud hunters lodge, and two stags locking their antlers to battle for a does attention. But, they spend their lives balanced on spindly ankles – darting and leaping like ballerinas and running away whenever they hear a loud noise or see a bright light. Arnie is an icon the self-made man and the embodiment of the American dream. Long before he was governing California, he was oiled-up and posing, in a manoeuvre so iconic you don't need to see his face to recognise him.

This is Arnie's most memorable pose, much more memorable than his wave from the podium when he was elected Governor. This is the pose that turned him into a bodybuilding icon and spurred millions to emulate his body. Arnie considered himself a sculpture, and Gillie and Marc continue to be fascinated by the way that he transformed his own body, as sculptors they're interested in the way he forced us to look at the male form in a new way. Gillie and Marc chose the stag head for him for it's complicated masculinity, it's second life as a decorative art form and it's European origin.