Ice-cream on the beach

Location Mural on Bondi Beach, Sydney

Materials Spray paint and wall paint  

Editions /1

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Gillie and Marc were delighted to contribute a mural to the Bondi promenade as part of the Activated Walls project. Using their alter-egos Dogman and Rabbitwoman as subjects, Gillie and Marc were excited to give some love back to their town. Love is about sharing all that you have with someone, and even an unlikely couple like Dogman and Rabbitwoman can enjoy some ice blocks together at Bondi Beach. The location of this mural is important to the area, as Bondi is a neighbourhood made of people from all around the world and this artwork encourages togetherness and interactivity in a beautiful environment. Whether you call it an ice block, icy pole, iced lolly, ice pop, freeze pop or popsicle, we can all identify with enjoying a cold treat on hot day and it’s always better with someone special.