• Above the heart of Africa
  • Above the heart of Africa

Above the heart of Africa

Dimensions 200.0 x 150.0 CM (H*W)

Materials Acrylic and enamel on canvas




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Africa is one of the most diverse continents on the planet. From lush rainforests, desert wastelands, to fertile plains, Africa is home to such a huge variety of plants and animals. It’s by looking at Africa that we see how incredible Mother Nature is, how beautiful and magical every distinct environment is. Every part is connected in a delicate balance. If one section falls, everything is effected. This would be catastrophic for all of the wildlife that call this continent home. It’s time to look at the heart of Africa, to look at all the different parts that make up this heart, and to protect it as one. This painting will inspire your room with movement and vitality and add vibrant blues alongside neutral tones. The style is geometric but simple line, done by freehand. The contrast between abstraction and figurative art gives a harmonious balance.