Art Loan

Do you need an innovative and cost-effective way to showcase art within your environment?
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Is your work space in need of a makeover, but you don’t have the funds to make it happen? Gillie and Marc can offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join their art loan program.

Why loan art?
1. You need something topical/on trend
2. You want to try before you buy
3. You wish to safe-guard your capital
4. You hope to use leasing costs as a tax deduction

How does it work?
Gillie and Marc have a range of flexible packages to suit any idea, concept and budget —whether you want to rent a piece for a short-term project or take out a loan with the eventual goal of owning it outright.

Does my business qualify?
Yes! Gillie and Marc have worked with hundreds of private sectors, government organizations and corporations, including schools, stadiums, zoos, real estate developers, banks, hospitals and hospitality groups.

How does it work?
1. Gillie and Marc take care of delivery and installation
2. At the time of the activation Gillie and Marc will send out a site-specific, dedicated newsletter to Gillie and Marc’s database of 20,000 subscribers advertising your business
3. Gillie and Marc will talk about the activation on their social media forums to their 100k + followers on both Instagram and Facebook 
4. If there is any press or news coverage on the sculpture, your company will get mentioned 
5. A commission with Gillie and Marc is a guarantee to make a beautiful and positive impact on your community or business. So call or email now for your free quote.

CASE STUDYEarly Morning Coffee (aka The Coffee Drinkers)
Early Morning Coffee is a three-meter tall of Dogman and Rabbitwoman peacefully enjoying a morning coffee. The two-piece sculpture series was loaned to three separate locations in Melbourne: Melbourne Emporium, 500 Bourke Street and St Kilda Pier. St Kilda Pier bought the sculpture this week after their three-month loan period because the sculpture was so successful in bringing together the local community.

- 1 million impressions
- 10,000+ Instagram and Facebook posts
- 3 successful social media competitions
- Press coverage on local sites such as True Local, City of Melbourne & Visit Victoria
- 3 newsletters which resulted in an increase of visitors to each location