Orphan Elephants

Gillie and Marc so loved crafting the life-sized beautiful baby elephants for their exhibition at Marble Arch in London that they just couldn’t stop! They have now created a limited-edition pocket collection of these beautiful baby elephants, also known as 'The Orphans'.

This limited-edition collection brings the 20 baby elephants to life as magnificent bronze replicas. The only difference is they are now small enough to take home with you.

This collection performs the same way as the life-sized sculptures in London, with each baby representing a real-life elephant living at The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. By purchasing one of these pocket collection 'Orphans', you will be helping to provide for these elephants.

Doing this, you will play a part in the care of the calf and also get to take home a mini bronze 'Orphan' with the baby’s name on the base. The real orphans at The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust need us now more than ever!

Most of the funds for these amazing African wildlife charities come from tourism and recently this revenue has all but dried up. To help the wonderful people at The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust continue their amazing work, 50% of the proceeds from the sales of these pocket collection bronze 'Orphans' will go towards the care of the real-life baby elephants in Kenya.