Miniature Born Free Lions

Miniature Born Free Lions

Gillie and Marc so loved crafting the life-sized beautiful  lion cubs for their exhibition of ‘Born Free Forever’  in Brighton, UK that they just couldn’t stop! They have now created a limited-edition pocket collection of a few select baby cubs.

This limited audition collection brings the baby cubs to life as magnificent bronze replicas. This collection performs the same way as the life-sized sculptured in Brighton, with each baby representing a real-life lion cub. By purchasing one of these pocket collection ‘Born Free’ cubs, you will be helping to provide for these lions.

In 1956 a game warden is sent to deal with a dangerous lion in Kenya. After shooting the lion and his inexplicably aggressive female, he is distressed to find they have left behind three tiny cubs. And so begins the extraordinary story of George Adamson, his wife Joy, and their mission to raise and return a lion cub called Elsa to the wild. They would go on to become two of the greatest champions for lions. Lions are listed as Vulnerable by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Lion populations have decreased by half in only 25 years! There are perhaps just 20,000 left. Their biggest threats include habitat loss, the poaching of their natural prey, conflict with local livestock farmers, and the brutal practice of trophy hunting.

Artists Gillie and Marc have created a monumental sculpture installation entitled Born Free Forever, based on the true story of the two conservation pioneers who saved a lion cub and released her back into the wild. It features Elsa who stands on a 1961 Land Rover surrounded by cubs, 20 in total. There are also two pairs of adult lions, George and Joy, the real-life heroes of our story, and Bill and Virginia, the actors who played them in the movie Born Free, and the Co-Founders of the UK animal welfare and conservation charity Born Free Foundation.

The cubs symbolise hope for future generations of lions. This installation aims to raise awareness and funds to save wild lions and their wild habitat before it’s too late. 10 of the cubs in the installation are named after real lions rescued and cared for by Born Free in its South African and Ethiopian sanctuaries. 10 more will be available for sponsorship and named by individuals or companies that care about the survival of lions. This is real, heart-warming Compassionate Conservation and wild animal welfare in action. You can read about each individual and support the future of lions by heading over to Born Free’s website

Born Free Forever is part of the broader ‘Love The Last’ project, a social movement driven by public art to raise awareness, funds and support for endangered and threatened species across the world, encouraging people to take action before we lose these animals forever. Born Free Forever serves as a beacon of hope for a brighter future. Help turn a dream into reality by sharing their story through the hashtag #LoveTheLast and #BornFreeForever, and find out more at