We are all in this world together. Through our art, we want to celebrate this beautiful connection humanity shares, recognizing our interconnectivity and ability to shine as one. People are struggling everywhere, be it because of illness, poverty, or discrimination. We’re all aware of these problems but where are the answers for solving them? We want to find these solutions by becoming a positive voice, bringing about awareness, and encouraging creative ideas for discovery. Positive, actionable public art is a way of bringing people together through optimism and passion. It brings issues into everyday lives, bringing them closer to home so they cannot be ignored. Through recognition and understanding, it puts more love and kindness back into our communities, and into life as a whole, encouraging us to find solutions together, and gives an uplifted outlook for the future. We are a global community, we need to stand together, we need to be there for one another, and most importantly, we need to love each other. The answers can only be found with love.