I am Rabbitwoman - Jack Rabbit Gallery, Texas, USA

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‘I AM RABBITWOMAN’ showcases the feminine half of Gillie and Marc’s iconic hybrid duo, Rabbitwoman.

Rabbitwoman and her other half, Dogman, tell the autobiographical tale of two opposites coming together to become best friends and soul mates. As unlikely animal kingdom companions, the Rabbit and the Dog stand for diversity and acceptance through love.

Sitting proudly on top of a pear, a symbol of beauty and femininity, Rabbitwoman is displayed with all the love that Gillie and Marc have for her. She is a symbol of love, compassion, acceptance, and resilience. Naked, she shows the raw beauty, not just for herself but of all women that should never be hidden or suppressed. She stands for what women can accomplish when they are confident within themselves and have the unfailing support from those they love.   

This amazing sculpture has been installed in a major shopping centre to bring confidence to all the women and encourage support and love from the men who visit.