The Orphans

Bringing elephant conservation to the heart of London

Garden Sculptures

Turn your garden into a dreamland
They opened their hearts to see what would come out


Referred to by the media as “the world’s most loving artists”, this artistic duo has worked side by side for 27 years, creating art as one


Featuring carved wooden panels primed, sealed and painted with a pop gloss enamel, creating a stunning visual combination.

“Gillie and Marc are the most prolific creators of public art in New York’s history”


The Paparazzi Dogs

Gillie and Marc’s Paparazzi Dogs are the world’s most notorious photographers

The Wave Riders

A tribute to the lost art of tandem surfing


Exhibited on Sydney’s famous Tamarama Beach as part of the Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition


Our one simple, unifying mission is to fill the world with inspiring public art that spreads messages of love, equality, conservation and hope. We aim to inspire everyone to be more loving and conscious of their surroundings and the life it contains. We aim to create a community that passionately works for change and optimism today so we can all live in a much better world tomorrow.

The best things in life come in small packages, very small packages. Gillie and Marc’s pocket collection are the perfect example of this, a beautiful sculpture that can fit in your pocket!
Limited time
It’s Rabbitwoman and Dogman's 10th anniversary and they want you to celebrate with them.
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Love The Last is a social movement driven by public art to raise awareness, funds and support for some of the world’s most endangered species. Monumental artists, Gillie and Marc, want to create sculptures all around the world that tell the stories of these endangered species to drive positive change and ensure these animals don’t leave us forever.



"Gillie and Marc have been wonderful to work with. We have green-lit five of their art projects over the last year, from the Financial District to Park Avenue. I find art kind of off-putting and stodgy, but Gillie and Marc's is really friendly and engaging. You can sit down and have a coffee with their bronze sculptures. You can’t do that with the Mona Lisa."

Michael Aisner, Vice President | RXR Realty, New York City

"The City of Pompano Beach Florida absolutely loves the bronze sculpture. It is the perfect addition to our growing collection. I think it works so nice at the entrance to the Library and south entrance to the Pompano Beach Cultural Center because of its whimsical charm."

Laura Atria, Public Art Program Manager for The City of Pompano Beach

"We were all very humbled as the paper covering was slowly taken off and we started to see our eagle (Hokioi) and Te Maia Kahurangi aloft. It was a long awaited moment and we were not disappointed. Gillie and Marc have nailed it. It is a true masterpiece and the team have captured the scene with skill and exceptional foresight to bring the Maori legend back to life. It has been a truly inspiring journey for all of us."

Barry and the Karamea Council, New Zealand

"In 2015 the small mining community of Collinsville celebrated the 25th anniversary since the retirement of Australia’s last working pit ponies. The Collinsville pit ponies were in fact Clydesdale horses, renowned for their strength and intelligence. Your talent and ability to recreate the majesty that was the Collinsville Pit Pony has brought new meaning to our town and reunited our community in the process."

Jenn Honnery, Collinsville | NSW

“Gillie and Marc created a full size bronze sculpture of our beautiful lioness Millie and her three cubs. The work has taken pride of place in the main garden at the entry to the zoo and to Jamala Wildlife Lodge and is a great attraction to many visitors. It is constantly photographed and is a magnificent piece of art.”

Richard Tindale, Owner | National Zoo & Aquarium

"Working with you and Gillie and Marc on this project was a wonderful adventure, and the results could not be more amazing. Our Moxie has quickly become a beloved treasure of our community and a symbol of the fun and interesting things that people can experience in Muskegon, Michigan. Part of the appeal of Moxie certainly is the whimsical nature of the bronze sculpture, but I truly think that it is the beauty of the work of art that will guarantee its remarkable and continuing impact on our community."

Judith A. Hayner, Project Director | Muskegon City | Public Art Initiative

"The bronze sculpture made for us by Gillie and Marc has become an impressive feature of the Eagle Farm Racecourse. Collaboration between our team and the artists during the artwork's creation was a smooth process, and the final product has realistic attention to detail. We couldn't be happier with how it tuned out, and we will enjoy watching our patrons admire the statue as they return to Eagle Farm Racecourse.”

Jeff Kahler, General Manager | Property & Asset Management | Brisbane Racing Club

"We loaned about ten Gillie and Marc artworks for our opening night and then decided to purchase them to maintain that opening night atmosphere. Since then, the artworks have become an integral part of the personality of the hotel. Everyone including staff members and guests feels an affinity towards them, in particular Paparazzi. It’s a great way of cementing a different personality to our hotel. Gillie and Marc’s artworks are like adopting an extra member of the family or staff member. They are a lot of fun, and always provide a light moment.”

Bernie Boller, General Manager | Pullman Hotels | Sydney, Australia

“Artists Gillie and Marc have done an amazing job [with Black Rhinos] of capturing such an iconic species in a very lifelike and natural way.”

Matthew Fuller, Director | Dubbo Zoo | NSW, Australia

“The Run for your Life bronze sculptures are a welcome and striking addition to our Melbourne campus and appreciated by staff and students. Our family of rhinoceros are prompting discussion, delight and curiosity – traits encouraged by our University.”

Adrienne E Clarke, Chancellor Professor | La Trobe University | Melbourne

“The team at Gillie and Marc were highly professional from start to finish and everything was executed with great attention to detail. Their work is simply stunning and stopped customers in their tracks.”

John Klein, Marketing Manager | Federation Centres/Bankstown Central | NSW

"Dear Gillie and Marc It has been a pleasure to work with you in bringing our sculpture from a concept to its realization in bronze. It now sits proudly at the entrance of the school and we are particularly pleased with the finished product. It stands as a testimony to friendship and learning two fundamental aspects of what this School stands for. Thank you"

Mr Garry K Brown, OAM, Headmaster | Mosman Preparatory School



Financially supporting the placement of public art




A global mission to balance gender representation in public statues.